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 ● Upgrade tier Class H, matching with the new generation mid-end SMPS product, the effect is 〉76%.

 ● Divided into three models with power ranging 650W/1200W/1800W at 8ohm loading, which satisfys the requirements of application projects.

 ● Extremely high power density: amplifier with height-2U/depth-17" of 16kg can provide 7600W continuous output power

 ● Stably drive speakers with 8ohm, 4ohm, and 2ohm loading, meeting requirements from line array to normal array application projects.

 ● Very low harmonic distortion(THD=0.1%)and the ideal frequency response performance(20~20kHz).

 ● Use audio-specfic components and connectors, ensuring higher reliability.

 ● Removable front panel, easy to clean and maintain.

 ● Adopt SMT, AI, ICT full-automatic production and testing technology to ensure the standardization of production and product consistency.

 ● Have perfect and intelligent protection such as overpressure, over-current, short circuit, over-temperature.

 ● DC, VHF, clip limiter, so as to prevent damage cause by man-made and environmental factors.


 ● Large-scale live performance and fixed installation projects.

 ● Conference centers, high-end hotels, Disco and clubs etc.

Model RAT22
8Ω stereo * 700W×2
4Ω stereo * 1350W×2
2Ω stereo ** 1800W×2
8Ω bridge * 2500W
4Ω bridge ** 3200W
Other Specification
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz
S/N rate >95dB
Damping factor >280
Crosstalk >70dB
Slew rate >20V/μs
Input sensitivity 0.775v / 1v / 32dB
Input impedance
Voltage gain(8Ω) 39.7dB
Output Circuitry Class I
Cooling Air flow from front to rear
Protection soft start,DC,short circuit,over load,clip limit,
over heat,progressive volume
Input XLR-F, XLR-M
Output Binding posts & NL4 SPEAKON
Front panel indictor STY,power,signal,clip,protection,parallel,bridge
Front panel power switch,volume control knob
Rear panel stereo/paralle/bridge switch,input sensitivity switch
soft clipping switch
Product dimension 483×450×89 mm
Packing dimension 595×565×170 mm
N.W. 10.1kg
G.W. 12.4kg
Power Non-removable power cord AC220V/50Hz.±10%


  1.  *The power is tested under EIA standard.

  2. **The power is tested under the condition of 40ms burst, 1kHz sine wave and 1% THD.

  3.   Other data is tested under Q/TPA 1-2008 standard.

  4.   TPA reserves the right to make changes in specification without prior notice. The final specification is subject to the user manual.

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